LUN Partners Group (LUN Partners) is a global investment group. The group’s primary businesses are investment management and financial services. LUN Partners currently manages venture capital and private equity funds under its investment management arm, and separately operates an innovative financial services platform.
LUN Partners focuses on investing in rapidly growing, innovative technology-driven companies that can be brought into high growth economies. Through synergistic development between these innovative portfolio companies, LUN Partners shall build an industry ecosystem of complementary businesses.
LUN Partners is committed to upholding win-win situations among collaborative partners who share the same values, hail from geographically diverse markets, and are collectively dedicated to evolving industry landscapes for global business.
Investment Management

LUN Partners Capital focuses on investing in innovative technology-driven companies around the world. Thus far, LUN Partners’ portfolio companies span the globe, including Mainland China & Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Africa, and the United States.

Advisory Services

LUN Partners Financial brings cutting-edge technologies and innovative business models from around the world into high growth economies. Thereafter, the platform organizes and coordinates strategic resources such that it can offer innovative financial services to both enterprises and consumer marketplaces.


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Global Footprint.

80% of our invested portfolio companies have successfully raised additional rounds of funding increasing their value significantly.

Our Recent Projects.