Providing Tailored Investment Management
and Financial Services to Our Investors
Tailored Investment Management
and Financial Services
to Our Investors
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  • Investment Management
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LUN Partners Capital

LUN Partners Capital is the investment management platform of LUN Partners Group. Its investment mandate primarily focuses on seed to growth stage overseas FinTech, EdTech and IoT companies. LUN Partners Capital’s overall mission is to establish a thriving ecosystem of complementary businesses by leveraging valuable resources and significant synergy opportunities available among its portfolio companies and strategic partners. Core members of the LUN Partners Capital team come from notable investment management and financial services firms, possess years of valuable foreign investing, scaling and operating experience, and are one of the most qualified teams leading relevant overseas investment projects in China.

Morning Alliance Investments

Based in Shanghai, Shanghai Morning Alliance Investment Management Company Ltd. (Morning Alliance Investments) is a private equity fund management company registered and recognized by the China Securities Investment Fund Association. The company’s investment mandate focuses on domestic innovative technology companies in the fields of FinTech, EdTech and IoT companies. With the global resources and rich investment experience its team possesses, Morning Alliance Investments is primed to operate a unique domestic investment operation, capable of opportunistically bringing many of its portfolio companies to the overseas markets. At the same time, the company will also be leading efforts to support LUN Partners’ ex-China portfolio companies that are seeking to launch their respective businesses in China as well.

PGA Venture Partners

In 2016, LUN Partners Group and PGA ( Penta Global Advisor ) Group jointly established the investment management company “PGA Venture Partners”. PGA Venture Partners has since launched the PGA Venture Fund to primarily invest in foreign seed to growth stage Financial Technology (FinTech)、 Educational Technology (EdTech) and Entertainment Technology (EnTech) businesses. The fund’s overall mission is to invest in foreign targets that possess cutting edge technology and innovative business models such that these disruptive businesses, brought to China, can help advance and develop the Greater China market.

CMIG LUN Capital

In 2017, LUN Partners Group and CMIG Keytech Investment Holdings(an Internet/FinTech arm of China Minsheng Investment Group) jointly established the CMIG LUN Capital Limited domestic and foreign investment management entities. Both entities will be focused on FinTech targets that possess cutting edge technologies, product offerings, and business models. Through an active model of investing and operating, CMIG LUN Capital Limited aims to create a comprehensive and competitively advantageous FinTech powerhouse.

WangKai Consulting

WangKai Consulting is the management consulting company of LUN Partners Group. WangKai mainly focuses on advising members of the LUN Partners ecosystem, which include portfolio companies, affiliate companies, and business partners, by providing customized solutions in the form of strategic planning, management consulting, and business development.