LUN Partners Group

LUN Partners Group is a global investment group, established in Hong Kong in 2016, with offices in Shanghai and Tokyo. We manage venture capital and private equity funds and also provide cross-border advisory and innovative financial services.
Our team possesses rich experience working for top financial institutions, investment banks, and management consulting firms. Our backgrounds aid our execution in investment management, cross-border M&A, and global corporate development. Thus far, our portfolio companies and strategic partners span the US, China, Japan, Singapore, South Africa, Kenya, Switzerland, UK, and Italy.

Investment Management

We primarily invest in innovative high tech companies in the financial services industry from around the world and provide strategic planning, improve management efficiency, connect strategic resources, and guide strategic capital management to help our companies grow.

Cross-Border Advisory

We advise and assist companies with their strategy formulation and execution, including business expansion plans, M&A and corporate restructuring. Our breadth of experience, network and resources enable us to deal with a multitude of complex and special situations.

Innovative Financial Services

We have created a hub that brings together cutting-edge financial technologies and innovative business models from around the world. The hub coordinates business exchanges and incubates innovative financial services for both enterprises and consumer marketplaces.

Investment Strategy

We invest in overseas innovative high tech companies and bring them to China, often in the form of Joint Ventures, support their development in the domestic market, connect them to suitable partners, and foster the growth of a synergistic portfolio ecosystem.

Value Creation

We accelerate the growth of our portfolio companies by connecting them to our network and resources; through our advisory efforts, we provide strategic planning, management consulting, and promote synergistic collaborations among the companies.

Our Vision

As our portfolio companies continue to synergistically interact, they can collectively give rise to the next wave of innovation, ultimately accelerating development and establishing new paradigms for their industries.

Investment Scope

Our funds’ investment scope primarily focuses on high growth FinTech companies from around the world. We also actively seek for investment opportunities in innovative Big Data Analytics / AI and EdTech companies.

Global Footprint

Thus far, LUN Partners’ portfolio companies and strategic partners span North America, Asia, Africa, and Europe, covering numerous countries including the US, China, Japan, Singapore, South Africa, Kenya, Switzerland, the UK, and Italy.