Mr. Kaede Kotsuki is Partner of LUN Partners Group, Managing Partner of PGA Venture Partners and CEO of WangKai FinTech. Mr. Kotsuki has been responsible for investment execution and operation management.

Mr. Kotsuki has more than 10 years’ professional experience in the financial sector. Mr. Kotsuki  joined SBI in 2007 as a representative in the Beijing Representative Office and was promoted to Chief Representative. Mr. Kotsuki was in charge of SBI China’s Asset Management Sector and responsible for deal sourcing, execution, management of numerous investment projects. Mr. Kotsuki also served as Board Member, Investment Committee Member and Investment Director for SBI’s JV funds, such as SBI-BDJB China Fund, Fusi Fund, and SBI-INESA Fund.

Mr. Kotsuki holds a B.S. with double majors in Finance and Accounting from Indiana University.

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