Vice President

Mr. Quan Xie is Vice President of LUN Partners Group and Vice President of WangKai FinTech. Mr. Xie has been responsible for fund-raising, PR and business development.

Mr. Xie has over 10 years of working experience in banking and private equity sector and has extensive knowledge in financial product development, project management and risk management. Most recently, Mr. Xie worked with SBI-INESA Equity Investment Fund as risk Management Director. The Fund mainly focuses on financial technology, IOT, AI, Cloud Computing and Big Data sectors. Mr. Xie was in charge of post-investment management, incubation and exit strategy. Mr. Xie started his career as a sales manager, then took the role of risk manager in China Minsheng Bank, which is the fastest growing commercial bank in China in the past two decades.

Mr. Xie holds a bachelor degree of Law from Shanghai Jiaotong University, with CFBP, SAC, AMAC.


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